January 19th, 2015

Do we live in a simulation?

I liked the way this post analogized the simulation hypothesis to Lee Smolin's Cosmological Natural Selection.

That said, there's something quite narrow minded in a lot of the arguments for the plausibility of the idea that we live in a simulation. (1) Why does the simulator have to exist in a universe that is anything like ours? Their physics doesn't have to be anything like ours, so discussion of how we might find evidence that we're in a simulation breaks down. (2) Nonetheless, this "discussion of how we might find evidence that we're in a simulation" does demonstrate that we'll never have enough computing power in this universe to run a sufficiently thorough simulation of a universe containing human-level intelligence.

Conclusion: we're at the bottom.


"Yet another Wes Anderson Update"

moonrise kingdom
fantastic mr. fox

[small gap]

The Grand Budapest Hotel

[big gap]

royal tenenbaums
bottle rocket [complete but small]
life aquatic
darjeeling express

[I actually don't know where to rank bottle rocket. I think I saw it a second time because I could not recall the film at all, and even after that second time, I still cannot recall the film at all. But I did jot down the "complete but small" comment soon after one of the viewings -- I think it was the second time.]